JASIS WebExpo® 2021-2022

Applications for JASIS (on-site) / New Technology Presentation / JASIS WebExpo

  • Notice 1 :
  • 1. If you are a repeat exhibitor, please log-in with ID and Password previously issued.
    If you have forgotten your ID and/or Password, please contact JASIS Secretariat Office below.
    E-mail: jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jpTEL:+81-3-6812-8690
  • Notice 2 :
  • If you have not received ID and Password by e-mail, please click "First-time exhibitor" above and proceed with the procedures.

【Steps to Complete Your Application】

  • STEP.1
  • After you send your application, detailed information on the procedures are sent by e-mail to the Person in Charge or Contact Person.
    ※If you are a first-time exhibitor applying for either Media & Press Area or International Organization Area, please contact JASIS Secretariat office (jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jp) and inform the desired exhibit area and the number of exhibit booth. JASIS Secretariat office will check and make application.
  • STEP.2
  • Please log-in from URL mentioned in the e-mail sent and proceed with the application for the desired plan(s).
  • STEP.3
  • After your application is confirmed by the organizers, application approval notification is sent by e-mail to the Person in Charge or Contact Person, and your application is now complete.

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