JASIS WebExpo® 2021-2022

1.General exhibition questions
  • Q1-1
  • What is the JASIS concept?
  • A1-1
  • JASIS is an exhibition organized and run independently by the Japan Analytical Instruments Manufacturers' Association and the Japan Scientific Instruments Association. It is not positioned simply as a simple show-type exhibition at which devices and equipment are lined up for viewing, but rather as a comprehensive exhibition in the specialized field of analytical and scientific instruments whose goal is to provide all types of information directly related to the operational needs of visitors.
    JASIS comprises three main types of content. The first derives from its stance as a comprehensive exhibition. Scientific instruments that support R&D and production technologies, analytical instruments, measurement equipment, and facilities and related products are brought together in a single place. From entrance to exit, the various instruments required by R&D are exhibited in a coherent manner. JASIS stands alongside Europe's Analytica and the U.S.A's Pittcon as Asia's major exhibition for analysis and measurement.
    The second is the New Technology Presentation, which features presentations by exhibitors. Attended by 60% of exhibition visitors, new products, new technologies, and expertise are the subjects of the sessions that enjoy a superb reputation among visitors.
    The third comprises an academic conference, brought about through the cooperation of academia, and research bodies and held during JASIS, for reporting on academic cutting-edge technology.
  • Q1-2
  • How will the organizers manage personal information supplied for admission registration?
  • A1-2
  • The JASIS web site and admission preregistration system are protected by SSL encryption to prevent any disclosure of information during the visitor registration process. In addition, Japan Knowledge, which is entrusted with the management of visitor registration data, has acquired JIS Q27001 certification for information security management systems (ISMS), and Nikkei Event Pro has acquired the Privacy Mark in accordance with JIS Q15001:2017. Nikkei Event Pro has acquired the Privacy Mark in accordance with JIS Q15001:2017.
    If upon visitation of an exhibitor booth, the visitor's admission name tag bar code is read or business card received, promotional materials or other information may be sent by the exhibitor to the visitor's registered contact information. The organizers take seriously the management of personal information. Going forward, maximum care will be applied to the implementation of strict management of personal information by executing measures necessary to eliminate the possibility of disclosure of any personal information and by regularly auditing the management system (including the consigned company).
    In addition, recently there have been numerous instances of representatives from non-exhibiting companies walking the venue, both inside and out, and pressuring for business card exchange. Such exchanges may lead to unwanted solicitations as well as disclosure of personal information. In addition to posting warning signs, the organizers will make warning announcements if such activity is discovered at the venue. JASIS Privacy Policy is HERE
2.Application (exhibition, New Technology Presentation) submissions and payment
  • Q2-1
  • How can I apply to exhibit in JASIS?
  • A2-1
  • Please apply via JASIS registration Webpage. You also can download desired form(s) and send us the filled one(s) as email attachment(s) to jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jp Further information
  • Q2-2
  • I forgot my application password.
  • A2-2
  • Please contact us by E-mail (jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jp). You can't use last year's password. Please use a new password which was delivered in May, 2021 to you by E-mail.
  • Q2-3
  • We would like to change our contact information.
  • Q2-4
  • What does the organizers' regard as advantages of exhibiting at JASIS?
  • A2-4
  • One feature of JASIS is its reputation for quality visitors. In 2020, about 40% of all visitors were analytical and scientific instrument users, while more than 60% were vested with decision-making or advisory authority for equipment purchase. JASIS therefore offers to exhibitors the superb advantage of potentially acquiring many new users, gathering many inquiries, and communicating with many users.
  • Q2-5
  • Can I cancel my application or reduce the number of booths?
  • A2-5
  • (Exhibition)
    We will not accept cancellation of exhibition or reduction in booth number after the application deadline. Also, fees are not refundable. There is no cancellation fee for complete or partial cancellation of the application as long as it is before the application deadline. To cancel or make changes, after notifying the exhibition office, please be sure to send a revised application by mail, fax, or E-mail.
    (New Technology Presentation)
    We will not accept cancellation of application for the New Technology Seminars or reduction in number after the application deadline. Moreover, after payment we will not under any circumstances refund the fee. There is no cancellation fee for complete or partial cancellation as long as it is before program determination and payment. To cancel or make changes, after notifying the exhibition office, be sure to send a revised application by mail, fax, or E-mail. Please If you cancel any presentations after program release, please provide a representative at seminar reception on the scheduled day to handle people who had planned to attend.
  • Q2-6
  • Can we increase our number of booths?
  • A2-6
  • (Exhibition)
    You cannot increase your number of booths after release (scheduled for July) of the booth allocation diagram for the drawing of booth's positions. To increase booth number before release, after notifying the exhibition office, please be sure to send a revised application by mail, fax, or E-mail. The revision shall take effect on its day of receipt by the organizers.
    (New Technology Presentation)
    We will accept applications for increases after the application deadline provided openings are available. After notifying the exhibition office, please be sure to send a revised application by mail, fax, or E-mail. The revision shall take effect on its day of receipt by the organizers.
  • Q2-7
  • Can you extend the payment deadline?
  • A2-7
  • Please make your request to the exhibition office jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jp. However, payment must be completed prior to the opening of the exhibition.
  • Q2-8
  • What will happen after submission of my application(s)?
  • A2-8
  • The current schedule is compiled here. Also, we will notify you of schedule details via E-mails or the website's Exhibitor page.
3.Determination of booths and the New Technology Presentation program
  • Q3-1
  • How are booth locations decided?
  • A3-1
  • Booth's locations will be decided by the JASIS Organizing Committee with reference to the desired locations indicated on the application. However, we cannot guarantee the desired location.
  • Q3-2
  • When will our booth number be notified?
  • A3-2
  • We will notify you of your booth number by E-mail in August.
  • Q3-3
  • When will the New Technology Presentation program be decided?
  • A3-3
  • We will be determining the program for The New Technology Presentation by August. Your person in charge will be notified of the program and room numbers by E-mail.
4.Exhibition rules and decoration restrictions (during the exhibition, moving of items in and out)
  • Q4-1
  • How are the restrictions for decorations?
  • A4-1
  • Please see the Exhibit Service Manual which will be published in June or August.
  • Q4-2
  • What precautions are there for acquiring personal information from visitors?
  • A4-2
  • Please be aware of acquiring the personal information upon obtaining visitor acknowledgement of the following items, which must be clearly indicated:
    - Clear indication of intended use, prohibition of use other than that intended.
    - In principle, non-disclosure to third parties (exceptions must be clearly indicated)
    - Management system (measures of security and against, loss, misuse, alteration, leakage)
  • Q4-3
  • Will public passages be carpeted?
  • A4-3
  • There are no plan to carpet the public passenger.
  • Q4-4
  • What about corporate name display?
  • A4-4
  • You need to have applied for at least one booth to have your corporate banner displayed on the printed materials and website produced by the organizers. Materials created by exhibitors are not subject to any particular restrictions. You may therefore display the corporate banners, etc. of exhibition partners who have not applied for this exhibition.
  • Q4-5
  • What are the regulations for in-booth presentations?
  • A4-5
  • Please see the Exhibit Service Manual. which will be on the web in June or August.
  • Q4-6
  • What about providing food and beverages for visitors?
  • A4-6
  • (1)Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
    (2)Prepared/processed foods to visitors at your booth, please consult with the Chiba Public Health Department. Also, please use the Notification of Foods & Beverages Service form (supplied in the Exhibit Service Manual) to notify JASIS office at jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jp
5.Exhibition preparation
  • Q5-1
  • I don't know about the Exhibitor's Page ID or password.
  • A5-1
  • The Exhibitor page is available for only general or Mini/Solution booth exhibitors. It is not available for exhibitors in other booth types. If you know your ID but not your password, please go "If you forgot your password, proceed here", a temporary password will be sent to your registered E-mail address. If you do not know both your ID and password, please contact the exhibition office. jasis-exhibit@nex.nikkei.co.jp
  • Q5-2
  • How do we obtain vehicle passes and contractor badges?
  • A5-2
  • Please submit the application form(s) at the end of the Exhibit Service Manual.
  • Q5-3
  • When will badges for exhibitors be sent out?
  • A5-3
  • Badges will be sent together with reception invitations to registered persons in charge one month before the exhibition. If you want us to separately mail, exhibitor badges within Japan, please use the application form at the end of the Exhibit Service Manual. Exhibitor badges may be used both during move-in/out and during the exhibition. Five exhibitor badges will be sent out for each booth. To change the number of badges and mailing address, please use the Application for Change of Address or Number of Badges for Exhibitors & Contractors.
  • Q5-4
  • What does the Japanese Invitation Set contain? Does it contain complimentary tickets?
  • A5-4
  • The official invitation set is planned to contain 1) the general exhibition brochure, 2) the seminar program, 3) envelope. Because JASIS is recommending preregistration, no complimentary entrance tickets will be provided. The brochure explains the advantages of preregistration, such as a raffle for only pre-registered visitors. For ordinary exhibition, 300 sets per booth will be provided without charge. Additional sets can be purchased for ¥60 per set (including 10% tax).
  • Q5-5
  • When will we get our invitations?
  • A5-5
  • JASIS invitation package will be sent to registered persons in charge around two months before the exhibition. If you want us to separately mail the package within Japan, please use the application form at the end of the Exhibit Service Manual.
  • Q5-6
  • Please tell us about the bonded exhibition, and its procedures.
  • A5-6
  • 1. We filed an application to obtain permission for the JASIS 2021 to be a bonded exhibit area. Foreign exhibits (goods) can be displayed with no duty by declaring the goods for exhibition to the customs office and by obtaining authorization from the customs. When you bring and distribute brochures and/or pamphlets from abroad during the show, be sure to get an import approval for goods prior to bringing them into the show venue.
    2. ISHIKAWA-GUMI. LTD. (See below) shall be ready to submit all of your application paperworks to the customs office to obtain exhibit approval for JASIS 2021. For details of handling foreign exhibits, follow the instructions given by ISHIKAWA-GUMI. LTD.in addition to the descriptions in Exhibit Service Manual. Please contact below directly.
    ISHIKAWA-GUMI. LTD. (Contact person: Hashimoto)
    5-9-4 Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002, Japan
    Phone: +81-3- 3474-8102 Fax: +81-3- 5460-9841
  • Q5-7
  • What is the move in/out schedule?
  • A5-7
  • Please see the Exhibit Service Manual which will be published in June or August.
  • Q5-8
  • Where can we inquire about booth decoration and electrical power?
  • A5-8
  • While the exhibition office will accept such inquiries, for details, please inquire to the contact person of the appropriate designated contractor. A contact list is provided on the back cover of the Exhibit Service Manual.
  • Q5-9
  • May exhibitors visit the booths of other exhibitors?
  • A5-9
  • Yes, Please obtain an admission name tag with a bar code containing complete information by performing the same admission registration as visitors. You cannot visit other Exhibitor's booth only with the Exhibitor badge.
6.Exhibition hall utilities
  • Q6-1
  • Is there any free Wi-Fi available?
  • A6-1
  • Ethernet cable connections and Wi-Fi are available at the Wi-fi Area. For more specific information about Wireless LAN/WiFi at Makuhari Messe, See HERE
  • Q6-2
  • I would like to use copy and FAX services at the venue.
  • A6-2
  • These services are available at the Business Center located at the Makuhari Messe International Convention Hall. For Business Center, Makuhari Messe, See HERE
  • Q6-3
  • Can we borrow space to keep packing materials?
  • A6-3
  • No space is available for storage until move-out of packing materials. After move-in, please remove all packing materials, then bring them back to move-out. Transport companies will often provide storage for these materials.
  • Q6-4
  • Where can we park around exhibition site?