JASIS WebExpo® 2021-2022

JASIS 2021

Exhibit Plans

  • General Booth Plan
  • First of all, please consider exhibiting at [General booth].
    ●Ideal for exhibitors such as analytical instruments, scientific instruments and their peripheral equipment, related products, applications, software, contract analysis and so on.
    ●Exhibitors of general booth application can apply for "New Technology Seminar"!
    ●Exhibition fee: JPY 280,000 (tax not included) / booth+JPY150,000.
    ●For more effective appeal to visitors, we recommend to exhibit at more than two booths (about 3 m × about 6 m).
  • mini/Solution Area Plan
    [Exhibit Corner]
    [Catalog Corner]
  • If you would like to exhibit for Trial
    ●It is recommended for exhibitors who want to suppress the exhibition fee!
    ●There are two types of [Exhibit corner] (approximately half size of general exhibition) and [Catalog corner].
    [Exhibit Corner] can exhibit panels and small products etc.
    [Catalog Corner] can exhibit catalogs / leaflets.
    ●Exhibition fee [Exhibition section]: 165,000 JPY (tax not included) / From one booth. The size of one booth: (about 2 m x about 1.4 m)


  • New Technology Presentation
  • "Corporate holding seminar" to which general booth exhibitors can apply
    ●Ideal place to present new technologies!
    ●The seminar is held at the hotel's conference room adjacent to the Makuhari International Exhibition Center. The facilities and the room environment are perfect.
    ●Please select either 25 minutes or 50 minutes.
  • Media & Press plan
  • Plan for Media & Press exhibits related to analytical & scientific instruments and technologies.
    ●Available for selling publications.

WebExpo 2021-2022

  • Digital Marketing on JASIS website
    ●You can promote your products with advertisement from middle of November, 2021 to middle of March, 2022
    ●Great opportunity to promote your products into Japanese market with affordable price(90,000 JPY*1.1(consumption tax))