JASIS WebExpo® 2021-2022

Summary on JASIS 2021

Seminars on areas of strong interest attract more visitors.

Under the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, a total of 5,900 people attended the new technology briefings (approximately 300 topics), where exhibitors gave presentations focusing on cutting-edge technologies.
A variety of seminars is scheduled to attract a wide range of users, including seminars on Japanese pharmacopeia, life sciences, energy fields, and topics on DX*/automation inside and outside the lab.
*Digital transformation

About half of the visitors to JASIS are newcomers.

The number of first-timers and academics visiting JASIS
is also increasing. Seminars provide the latest information on
topics ranging from principles and fundamentals
to applications of analytical data.

A large number of decision makers involved in purchasing visit the exhibition every year.

About half of the visitors to JASIS are in a position
to make decisions or provide advice on products and
equipment to be implemented. If including real users
that operate analytical and scientific instruments,
the figure exceeds 80%, creating a large platform during
the exhibition that supports various needs.

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